What the Compact Outlaw Mower gives up in full-size deck width, it doesn’t give an inch in the construction, innovation and value of the Outlaw class of zero turn mowers. It may be small in stature, but it's more versatile by a big margin.

Compact Outlaw Mower

The Compact Outlaw still shares the same rugged features as other Bad Boy Mowers. It includes a 2 x 2 all-steel rail frame, powerful engine options and a great price with a side-to-side profile that lets it slip into spaces that might otherwise be too tight to reach. There’s virtually no area the versatile Compact Outlaw can’t get in and out of both quickly and efficiently — leaving behind a great cut like only a Bad Boy Mower can.

Model Engine Deck Size Price
Compact Outlaw 810cc Vanguard (26HP) 42" $6,299.00
Compact Outlaw 810cc Vanguard (26HP) 48" $6,499.00
Compact Outlaw 726cc Kawasaki FX (24HP) 42" $6,499.00
Compact Outlaw 726cc Kawasaki FX (24HP) 48" $6,699.00

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