The Revolt Mower has been completely redesigned and improved in every way.

Revolt Mower

Even though we’ve managed to make it smaller, we’ve packed in bigger performance all the way around. In addition to improved performance, the Revolt also features greater operator ease-of-use and durability.

We improved operator visibility with a new, shorter frame and curved iBeam front fork support.

The rear tires are larger and the fuel tank is now located in the center of the machine. The change has increased the maneuverability and balance of the Revolt by allowing the rider to stand directly between both rear tires, resulting in a lower center of gravity. This makes the Revolt one of the most maneuverable and balanced Stand-On Mowers in the industry. Other Stand-On mowers may not be able to cut it, but the compact, stable Revolt can.

Model Engine Deck Size Price
Revolt 726cc Kawasaki FX (24HP) 48" $6,669.00
Revolt 726cc Kawasaki FX (24HP) 54" $6,679.00

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