The ZT Elite has been both our best-selling model since the day we introduced it and the biggest value in homeowner class mowers for almost a decade. But why stop at perfection?

ZT Elite Mower

There’s virtually no part of our ZT Elite that hasn’t been improved. We’ve re-engineered it to be stronger, smoother, more comfortable and more ergonomic. It’s also 30 lbs. lighter. Even after all these improvements, we haven’t sacrificed an ounce of power, strength or performance. In fact, it’s our strongest ZT Elite ever!

But the biggest engineering achievement wasn’t how much we added and upgraded, but that we didn’t add one bit to the price. Compare it with any zero-turn mower in its price range, and you’ll find there is simply no better value for the residential homeowner — anywhere.

Model Engine Deck Size Price
ZT Elite 725cc Kohler 7000 (24HP) 48" $4,499.00
ZT Elite 747cc Kohler 7000 (25HP) 54" $4,899.00
ZT Elite 747cc Kohler Pro (25HP) 60" $4,999.00
ZT Elite 726cc Kawasaki FR (24HP) 48" $5,199.00
ZT Elite 726cc Kawasaki FR (24HP) 54" $5,249.00
ZT Elite 726cc Kawasaki FR (24HP) 60" $5,299.00

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